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Pollen Screens - Take the SNEEZE out of the breeze!
Pollen screens are a revolutionary new way to keep out unwanted pollen, dust and allergens making homes and buildings more pollen free. The specially designed mesh is built to capture airborne pollens and dust, reducing allergic reactions and making interior air cleaner and easier to breath.

Pollen screens can be applied anywhere traditional screening mesh is used. Protect yourself from a wide variety of pollen and spores, such as a grass seed, sagebrush, tree pollen and wild flower spore. While no solution can create a perfect barrier, pollen screens have been shown to significantly reduce the amount of airborn contaminates and allergens found inside the typical home. This means you and your family can enjoy cleaner air and suffer less allergic reactions making life better.

Pollen Screens make cleaner air

  • Traps 100% of allergens and airborne particles
  • Custom shaped screens for windows & doors of any size
  • Can use existing window frames
  • Traps pollen, allergens, fine dust and other harmful microscopic airborne particles
  • Ease suffering caused by seasonal allergy attacks
  • Custom made frames to match any house or building
  • We offer custom shaped screens for windows & doors of any size
  • Pollen Screens still allow the movement of fresh air but trap harmful particles
Pollen Screen

You and your family no longer have to suffer extreme allergy seasons anymore. Pollen Screens work as a microscopic air filter that traps pollen, spores and harmful microscopic particles. This means cleaner air for the entire family!

The revolutionary mesh weave is changing the way people live, especially in regions that are dense in trees, bushes and foilage. Allergy sufferers notice the effects immediately, and it helps many people sleep more comfortably with less allergy symptoms.

Flower pollen magnified
Solar Screens Reno
Sagebrush magnified x1000

Utilizing a advanced mesh design, enjoying fresh air is now a reality. Pollen Screens look very similar to normal screen mesh but are designed with a unique filtering technology. Made of 100% spun polyester, the mesh is coated in a proprietary coating process that acts as a magnet, attracting pollen and spores and trapping them in the microfibre weave, keeping them from entering internal airspace.

Less pollen means less allergic reactions and easier breathing. The pollen screen can also filter out other micriscopic particles such as a fine dust and smoke.

"After my pollen screens were installed, life on the ranch has been easier for me and my wife. We breathe easier everyday and don't worry about leaving windows open."

- Mike C.
"Even during fire season we could leave our windows open and the pollen screen could filter out smoke particles and dust."

- Darrall C.

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