Thermal Shields - a NEW way to save money and energy

Thermal Shields

Controlling heat loss & heat gain is a problem every home & business seeks to overcome. We all seek out window coverings that will keep out heat in the summer & prevent heat from escaping through the glass in the winter.... so we install blinds, soft shades, verticals or anything that will block out heat transfer. The problem is we also block out our view & light.

Thermal Shields™ is an energy-efficient window insulator installed on the interior side of windows, glass areas and door frames. They are mounted in a patented wood track system and glide easily to raise or lower as desired.

Thermal Shields™ uses a patented scoring system in the solar film to create a crisp, clean, louvered design, enhancing the aesthetic appearance.

winterize your windows and save money When lowered, Thermal Shields™ do not obstruct visibility. Thermal Shields™ can be operated by a manual roller and clutch system or operated by automation, such as electrical wall switch, hand held remote, voice activation or heat sensor.
Every home or office building is sensitive to soaring heat gain, not only in summer, but in winter months as well. Lower sun angles promote overheating of south and west facing windows. With Thermal Shields™, the effects of the sun can minimize costly winter time heating requirements. On those cold, blustery days, Thermal Shields™ protect glass from cold winds, reduces condensation, and reflects radiant heat back into your home or office building.

Why Thermal Shields:
Thermal Shields
  • TS will reflect heat back to its source.... all day, all night, all year.
  • TS reflect 75% of the sun’s BTU’s back out before it enters the room.
  • TS will reflect up to 90% of your heat loss in winter.
  • TS create a static air space between the shield & your glass.
  • TS are completely retractable & can be raised or lowered as desired.
  • Reduces up to 100% of the sun’s glare.
  • TS can be custom made for your windows.
  • The track can be finished as desired.
  • TS cut energy costs while dramatically increasing your comfort level.
  • TS lowers the BTU demand on your AC system thereby reducing maintenance costs.
  • TS reflects up to 90% of the sun’s ultra-violet rays which causes interior fading.
  • TS lowers the demand of your heating system thereby reducing maintenance costs.
  • TS glide in a patented wood track that installs on the interior window frame.
  • TS give a crisp louvered look that enhances any window or glass area.

"After installing Thermal Shields we now enjoy the view without experiencing the glare - we love them!!"

- Michelle T.

"We used to have a great deal of heat loss in winter through our windows. Now with Thermal Shields our rooms stay at an even temperature all day & all night."

- Nate B.

"I couldn't believe how much less my heater & A/C kicked on. The Thermal Shields really make my house cozy."

- Missy M.

"It's unbelievable the amount of cold air that used to come through my windows. With Thermal Shields, we haven't experienced that at all."

- John R.

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